This 2 Minute Video Introduces Dan’s Success Story … and Why You can do the Very Same Thing.

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Financial Strategies

And if I haven’t been clear in this video, I am all about helping people clarify their goals and then actually achieve them. Learn more about my philosophy of helping others (and by that I mean helping you) at my “About Me” page.

This site will help you know what I am doing that is working for me.  It might not work for you.  You need to think it through and check with your own advisers before you do anything.   My goal is to share ideas and unique strategies for your consideration.  My personal business experience includes …

  • I have successfully created and sold businesses ranging from retail stores to professional services.
  • I was a General Partner for 27 limited partnerships with over 500 investors.
  • I controlled over $8 million in assets invested in Section 8 government housing in Los Angeles.
  • I was the owner/broker/dealer of a regional NASD firm.
  • I am an active investor earning such high returns that I will not publish them (let’s talk).

I truly desire to help others learn the secrets and techniques that have made my retirement so satisfying. I can look at complex situations and reduce issues down to an easy-to-understand picture with surprisingly powerful solutions.

Whether you want capital growth or asset preservation – or a combination – I’ll help you explore the options. Together we’ll develop your own game plan to achieve remarkable success.